The Simmons Group, LLC provides a proven, 8 application program for fertilization and weed control, which includes a particular approach for each season. The end goal will be to grow thick, green, healthy turf, while also controlling weeds. These goals are accomplished by trained technicians using top quality lawn care products. Late Winter/ Early Spring is a time to prevent summer weeds, while also targeting existing cool season weeds. We apply pre emergent products to prevent crabgrass and other warm season weeds. In late spring, lawns need to be properly fed so that they have all the energy they need to thrive, as well as to combat broadleaf weeds.

In late spring, The Simmons Group can come to your assistance both with fertilization, as well as with weed control against pesky unwanted plant growth. Summer is a stressful time, with lots of heat and traffic, as well as insects, so we apply proper fertilizers to ward off these dangers that can effect your lawn. And, of course, fall is the time to apply pre-emergents for cool season weeds to give you a clean lawn in the winter months.